Tips to Make an Older Home More Valuable

If you are sitting on an older home and trying to sell, it is essential to make some updates and make it more attractive to prospective buyers. Older houses are prone to problems, unsightly areas, and are often in need of repairs. Making a few fixes can improve the look and make it more valuable on the market. Here are a few home improvements that will help you sell your older home and make it look like a find to new eyes.

Adding value to an older home is important in making a good sale. Using these below techniques, you can add more market value and make your older home more interesting to today’s buyers. Be sure to talk to a general contractor if you plan on hiring for any of these jobs. While you might be able to DIY a few, having a professional eye oversee larger projects can help keep you on track and make it more appealing to the market you’re in.


Roof Repairs:
While you might not notice the roof on your home, potential home buyers will likely hire an inspector who will check its condition. Roofing maintenance and repairs are time-consuming and noisy, so anyone buying an older home will want to have the security that these won’t be the first fix they have to invest in. The cost of a new roof or its maintenance can cost thousands of dollars, so make sure to fix an older home’s roof with new shingles and underlying layers before you try to sell it.

Kitchen Renovation:
Potential home buyers are looking for a kitchen that has modern counter tops, cabinets, and appliances. If you have an ancient kitchen with old-fashioned wallpaper and degraded counter tops, any buyer will offer less money for the property. Contact a contractor who can renovate your older home’s kitchen to give it a fresh modern appearance. Make it an appealing room, since this is one of the most important.

Replace Old Carpeting:
If the carpets in your home are old and dirty, then replacing the items is a good idea. Choose a neutral color of carpet that will match any type of furniture so that potential home buyers can move in immediately with the couches and bedroom furniture that they already own. If it’s in the budget, upgrade to hardwood or tile for more versatility.

Home Automation Systems:
You can install a home automation system that makes it easier for new homeowners to control the heating or cooling equipment, along with lighting fixtures and security devices. A home automation system works by using a computer or smartphone as a remote control. Today’s younger home buyers are looking for these types of devices. With a home automation system, a homeowner can turn on the lights in the evening when they aren’t at home. This is a modern approach to any home and will especially increase the value in an older model.

Upgrade the Bathrooms:
Anyone looking at an older home will worry about its plumbing and state of the bathroom fixtures. Replace needed fixtures in the bathrooms and be sure to upgrade older pipes, sinks, or dated hardware. While having white or off-white toilets, sinks, and bathtubs installed is a good choice, make sure to upgrade the wall tiles, paint, and flooring to match as well.

Add Security Lights:
Add security lights to the exterior of your home to prevent burglaries and make it seem safer to a prospective buyer. It is easy to install solar lights onto the outside of a home along the windows or doorways. You can also use stake solar lights along the pathways and porch to deter potential thieves.