Design Principles - The 80/20 Rule

Designers often use the 80/20 rule as a way to focus in on the as most important aspects of any design. What the 80/20 rule suggests is that 20% of a product or system’s variables generates 80% of effects. For instance, 20% of a cities roads carries 80% percent of its traffic, 20% of a company’s products generate 80% of its profits, and 20% of a of product’s features.

So when looking at building a new home and going through the home design process, one can use the 80/20 as guide for where are your focus should lie. There is a good chance that 80% of your waking day at home could be spent in 20% of the space. What is that space? Your kitchen? Your living room? Your bedroom? With all the many aspects that go into building a new custom home, focusing in on the most important 20% for you to be satisfied is key so not to get fixated on minutia.

Before you start a design, take the time to observe your habits. Ask yourself, “Where do I spend 80% of my time in my current home?”

Also, when determining costs, ask yourself “What 20% of this house is adding 80% of the cost?” With that is mind, you are most likely going to keep costs down by minimizing square footage. For instance, cutting that extra bathroom is going to help with costs more that going with a less expensive tile.

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